The other mosquitoes such as Culex or Anopheles

The concept is efficient for all types of mosquitoes. All you have to do is recreate ideal laying conditions depending on the species to destroy; for example: brackish water with the introduction of a biological agent for the Ochlerotatus vigilax.


In this trap, where all fishes have been previously removed from, about 80 mosquitoes came and laid their eggs.

This macro-scale picture shows “rafts” that have been collected and placed in a plastic cup.


In only one night and in only one trap: about 80 mosquitoes’ stings = 80 “rafts” with an average of 300 eggs.

A well-located trap works as a funnel and may collect 24000 eggs; gravid females situated within a large radius will come and lay their descendants.

The concept works with all types of mosquitoes only if their natural environment is recreated while introducing a biological agent such as fishes at the same time.