The mosquito is a blood-sucking insect which needs to bite and suck blood in order to lay eggs and thus create descendants.

About two days after biting and sucking blood, the female is gravid, ready to lay, it thus go and travel several hundred meters until its last flapping to find what is vital, that is to say, some stagnant water to put down its eggs.

When the mosquitoes’ grubs emerge, the adult-female mosquitoes (imago) thus go and find a human being to bite and then mate an adult-male mosquito.

To find females, males stay near humans and/or watering places; this is why we often notice male mosquitoes near laying places.

The ability of mosquitoes to find water makes the fight against grubs’ nests quite difficult, because in many cases, the extermination of nests is only shifting the problem.

AEDES mosquitoes bite only humans and pass on several diseases.

AEDES mosquitoes are able to lay eggs in out-of-the-way places equivalent to a thimble; such as pandanus or flamboyant axils, pond-plants that hold back water, eggshells or coconuts.

The sensible thing would be to keep on fighting against mosquitoes as best one can by destroying watering places at the maximum; protecting oneself using anti-mosquito twists, spray, mosquito nets and so on… ; and saturate our environment and other nuisance places with mosquitoes’ nests trapped by grubs-eating fishes.